Piezo Konverter mit Sonotrode zur Ultraschall Erzeugung

About us

As a strategic partner, we actively support your research and development work in the field of piezo and ultrasonic technology.

With more than 20 years of experience in the development and analysis of piezo and ultrasonic systems, our clear strengths include in-depth expertise, inventiveness, creativity, a comprehensive method kit for model-based design and simulation of electromechanical systems, and considerable experimental skills. As a competent development service provider, we will find the right solution for your problem or solve complex measurement tasks for you. To prove the technical feasibility of innovative solutions, we develop, test and optimize technology demonstrators and functional prototypes for our clients.

Our customers

Most of our customers have a medical technology, automotive or other industrial background. They are often looking for a specialist in piezo and ultrasonic technology who is not focussed on a specific process or system.

We frequently and gladly co-operate with companies, research-related institutes and universities.

Our expertise

  • Systematic, simulation-based design of piezoelectric actuators and sensors
  • Development and optimisation of converters and sonotrodes for ultrasonic technology
  • From small actuators to power ultrasound
  • Pulse-echo sensors (I/E) for air and liquids
  • Construction and commissioning of prototype systems for innovative processes
  • Feasibility studies for ultrasonic processes
  • Comprehensive metrological analysis, including laser vibrometry, signal analysis (FFT, DFT)
  • Development and optimization of electrical control systems (e.g. ultrasonic generators, piezo preload electronics)
  • Use of special measuring technology to determine the amplitude of electrical and mechanical variables
  • Simulation of electromechanical systems using the finite element method (FEM): energy conversion, damping, anisotropy, resonance…
  • Mechatronic replacement models
  • Increasing reproducibility when preloading piezoelectric ceramics
  • Simulation-based tolerance analyses
  • Series of measurements for device approvals
  • and much more…

We would be happy to support you in reaching for the stars in the field of piezo and ultrasonic technology!

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