For us, patent management encompasses the handling of inventions, patents/utility models and patent information. Our services and tools are used at various points in the patent management processes in companies, universities and for independent inventors in a profitable and resource-saving manner. We also support our clients in the development of an industry-specific and efficient patent management strategy.

We see ourselves as your partner for patent management.

You have an interesting invention and are looking for companies that might be interested in licensing or purchasing your intellectual property rights. We support you in the commercialisation of your patent.

Our experience and systematic approach increase your chances of realisation

ATHENA’s established, professional services provide you with market-oriented and needs-based support for the efficient commercialisation of your ideas. With our technical, commercial and legal expertise, we offer you interdisciplinary competence at a reasonable price from a single source.

We independently and technology-specifically analyze various filing strategies for patents and related rights, including those of potential competitors. To this end, we offer both standardized processes and the integration of the latest software tools, which transparently map the development and comparison of various international filing scenarios and their costs over the patent life cycle.

The scope, level of detail and price of a strategy consultation vary depending on your needs. We would be happy to provide you with a specific offer that meets your individual requirements. In particular, we also offer the option of a compact and therefore affordable strategy consultation.

Thanks to our experience, systematic and standardised approach and intelligent tool support, we can produce compact analyses in a timely manner.

Our strategy consultancy fulfils the Module 1 requirements of the WIPANO funding

With ATHENA’s independent and professional analysis, you receive fast and inexpensive neutral advice that reliably fulfils the requirements of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) in the WIPANO funding programme.

We are also happy to help you develop a well-founded and strategic procedure for evaluating inventions – e.g. those of employees – and deciding how to claim them. This results in increased transparency and sustainability – both in the reliability of processes and decision-making as well as in the documentation for issues after longer periods of time.

With our technical, business and legal expertise, we offer you interdisciplinary competence from a single source at a reasonable price.